Dementia Care

Whatever your need, a companion from Aged Care Angels and Disability Services Pty Ltd (ACADS) can help you.
Not only does (ACADS) manage the health and well being aspects of home care, we also provide a companionship service that provides the assistance that allows clients to manage important appointments and their social interests.
Our service can arrange the combination of companionship and transport which can take you where you need to go, so your precious time with family can be spent doing things you enjoy rather than things that need to be done.
We can take you to Doctors appointments, your favourite hairdresser or to a friend's place for a visit. The choice is yours.
Or perhaps you would just like some company at your place of residence.
Our carer companions are well qualified, very supportive and understanding. They can provide you with increased freedom and independence adding a pleasant change to your lifestyle.
Because the structure of our service means it can be tailor made to suit individual needs, it can be scheduled to work in with your normal routine


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"Aged Care Angels and Disability Services supports our clients to live independently in their own Home and Community.

We provide diverse and flexible Services which are respectful of our client's needs and choices."